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Languara: intelligent localization for modern apps.

We built Languara to help us manage the localization of our own products and decided to share it with the world.

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Reach new markets in as little as 24 hours.

Push Content

Push your content using our plugins, enter new content into the platform or just upload your existing language files.

Launch Translation

Machine translate your whole project from the command line or login and order professional human translation for the content that you need.

Pull Translations

Automatically pull translation results back in into your app using a git style pull command. No more emails or spreadsheets!


Cloud Based Platform

Translate and manage your application content from one central location.

Professional Translators

Access thousands of professional translators with one click. No emails or spreadsheets.

Seamless Integration

Native platform plugins keeps your content translated and synchronized.

Products change. Can your translation keep up?

Languara makes it easy to modify and translate your product messaging in real time.

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