Translate Your Apps

Easily enter and manage content in multiple languages. Languara gives you control over your product's terminology by providing you the tools to manage your translation in realtime.

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Control Terminology

Organize your content into manageable groups and assign identifiers that give your developers instant access to your content, even if it changes.

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Manage Your Team

Order transltion online or invite your own translators. Limit people to languages and assing specific roles. Languara makes it easy to manage your translators, verifiers and developers.

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Automate the Workflow

Connect your project to Languara using existing plugins and reduce the time and work needed to translate & manage your content.

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Achieve Continuous Localization

Your app is a work in progress. Each time your product changes, so does the content.

With Languara you can manage your terminology and order translation in realtime.

Let's say you have a marketing offer that says "Buy one get on free", but then you decide to change it to "50% off today only!". Without Languara, each time you make a change you need to email spreadsheets to the translators, get them back, hope the formatting did not break, assign tasks to developers, push the code and then QA the changes.

With Languara, just make the change in your language, order translation and sync.

Continous Localization Redefined.

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