Terminology Management in the Cloud.

Take control of your content by decoupling the management of terminology and context from the process of translation and integration. Product Managers, Marketing Managers, and Developers are able to define content and terminology in their Primary Language, without the need to worry about translation.

Simplify Development

Developers can integrate the terminology codes into the software without having to worry about the status of translation.

Organize Your Content

Easily update and review your content across all of your supported languages. Languara gives you control over your translations.

Save Time & Money

By having one easily accessible place to manage your content and terminology you will spend less time requesting or making changes to the content.

Cloud Based Terminology Repository

Languara acts as your central terminology database - storing and organizing your product terminology into meaningful categories. By allowing authorized Product Managers and Marketing Experts to control your external communication on a global level, you increase the accuracy of translation and achieve a consistent and accurate brand image world wide.

Manage Terminology

Create, define, and manage your application content (terminology and context) online. Organize your application's vocabulary into purpose based categories.

Translate Content

Languara provides you with the power of choice. Choose how you want to translate your content online. Bring Your Own, Machine, or Human Translation available right inside of Languara.

Quick Synchronization

Monitor translation progress and synchronize whenever you want. Flexible integration options allow your developers to select the path that is right for you.